Product Information

Features of SFD Models

The patented clamp mechanism enables the hub to be accurately installed on the shaft using a single bolt.It uses a differential screw to enable an interference fit function to be provided at the bore. This enables extremely high concentricity and also a very high clamping force to be realized simultaneously at the shaft.In addition, the element is an independently designed hexagonal type, ensuring high stiffness.

High accuracy

Compared to a generally used clearance fit, an interference fit causes the two parts of the hub to fit into each other. As a result, the bore, which corresponds to the shaft insertion part, grips the shaft with high accuracy.You can select a tolerance for the applicable shaft from a wide range including h7, h6, k6, m6, and j6.

Pursuit of high accuracy

In the pursuit of high accuracy, we use a differential screw mechanism which has screw threads of dissimilar pitch on the bore and outer periphery of the clamp bolt.As a result, the bore, which is the shaft insertion part, has an opening/closing function, enabling the hub to be accurately installed by tightening a single bolt.

High stiffness

Optimum design due to the use of the finite element method. Realization of high stiffness through the use of an independently developed hexagonal type

Supports high speed rotation

The maximum rotational speed is 20,000 min-1, and the balance of all products is corrected to Class G2.5 at a rotational speed of 20,000 min-1 prior to shipment. Consequently, each product can also be used on the spindle of a machine tool, for example.

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