Product Information

Features of SFF(-N) Models

These couplings have disc springs that use steel for the clamp hub. Their torsional stiffness is extremely high, their shaft rotation is accurate, and control can be ultra-precise. Both single-element types with ultra-high torsional stiffness and flexible double-element types that separate double elements with a spacer are available.

Uses high-precision clamp method

Using a high-precision clamp method to mount to the shaft greatly reduces the number of mounting bolts. Assembly time for mechanical equipment can be greatly shortened.

Best match for the latest servo motors

The outer diameter dimensions of couplings, the line-up of supported shaft diameters, the rated torques and more have been set based on the specifications and dimensions of the latest servo motors. They provide the best match for the latest servo motors from many firms.

Supports wide range of shaft dimensional tolerances

The basic class for the shaft dimensional tolerances is h7, but a wide range is supported, including k6, m6, and j6.

Up to 1.5 times of rated torque

Rated torque is now up to 1.5 times that of our previous models (relative to coupling outer diameters) This allows for smaller couplings, which also helps reduce the moment of inertia.

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