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AU Models


ModelMax. allowable load F [N]Allowable frequency at ±5°[min-1Dynamic torsional stiffness [N・m/°]Mass [kg]
AU-15-R, L1006400.440.19
AU-18-R, L2006001.320.34
AU-27-R, L4005602.600.65
AU-38-R, L8005306.701.55
AU-45-R, L160050011.602.55
AU-50-R, L250047020.406.70
AU-60-R, L500044038.2015.70

*The allowable frequency at ±5°[min-1] is that at an oscillation angle of ±5°.

*The allowable frequency is determined by the oscillation angle. Refer to the relevant sections in the catalog for details on the allowable frequency.

*The dynamic torsional stiff ness is data when the oscillation angle is ±5° and the frequency is 300 min-1 to 600 min-1.

*The AU-60-R and -60L are made to order.


Unit [mm]
AU-15-R, L337025504401729405020282-φ7M10
AU-18-R, L398535605452031.5506222342-φ9.5M12
AU-27-R, L5411045805602740.5607328402-φ11.5M16
AU-38-R, L74140601006803753809542522-φ14M20
AU-45-R, L89180701308100446710012048662-φ18M24
AU-50-R, L931908014010105477012014560802-φ18M36
AU-60-R, L116230120180151305985200233801284-φ18M42

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