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GREEN & QUALITY   For environmentally conscious future innovations.
Under the motto of "GREEN& QUALITY", Miki Pulley will carry out activities to eliminate all waste generated by corporate activities and reduce the environmental load by pursuing continuous quality improvement.

And Miki Pulley will listen to its customers in order to provide the best products and services for them.

Commitment to Environment

Environment Philosophy

Miki Pulley Group recognizes that environmental preservation of the earth is an important problem for all human beings and will therefore build a foundation for corporate activities focusing on reducing the environmental load for the future in order to achieve ultimate harmony of the environment and business.
For that purpose, we will carry out corporate activities with each of the employees placing value on environmental conservation based on coexistence with local communities.

Basic Environmental Policy

  1. We will perform environmentally-conscious corporate sustainability operations, establish core technologies, and produce competitive products.
  2. We will carry out activities to effectively reduce the environmental load and prevent environmental contamination by considering the impact of corporate activities on the environment.
  3. We will abide by the laws and regulations and other requirements concerning environmental preservation.
  4. We will set environmental objectives and goals based on the basic policy, regularly review the activity status, and continuously improve the system.
  5. We will actively promote the reduction of CO2 emissions and the supply of green products to society.
  6. We will document the policy to ensure all people working with and for us understand it, and provide opportunities for communicating eachothers to deepen the understanding.
  7. Web will also disclose this basic environmental policy to the outside world upon request.

April 1, 2015 Miki Koji, Representative Director and President of Miki Pulley Co., Ltd.

Our Commitment to Environment

Our Commitment to Environment