Product Information

Features of STF Models

These couplings for servo stepping motors boast high damping performance.Our newly developed laminated rubber element (HNBR) achieves high damping and low reaction force. They absorb vibration faster than flexible couplings that use metal in their elastic components. This suppresses the resonance phenomenon that can occur with stepping motors.

Excellent damping performance

Damping performance exceeds that of metal disc spring couplings, easily suppressing resonance, which can be a concern with stepping motors.

Shaft reaction force is reduced

Shaft reaction force caused by misalignment is greatly reduced by a laminated element construction that sandwiches hard rubber with soft rubber in the elastic component. This also greatly lessens the load on bearings and the like.

Simple, reliable, no backlash

Since the clamp method is used to couple to the shaft, mounting can be completed by tightening one bolt each on left and right.Clamp hubs are strong against vibration and shocks, couplings are reliable, and there is no backlash.

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