Product Information

SHM-35 + SHD-16 Specifications

Rated thrust: 150 N

[System Configuration]

Moving partConsists of a moving part (coil) and shaft (magnet).
DriverFor operating the moving part.
Power supply input terminalFor connecting the power cable. (Included in the driver)
Motor cableFor connecting the driver and the motor of the moving part. (Sold separately)
Encoder cableFor connecting the driver and the encoder of the moving part. (Sold separately)
Support softwareFor configuring and changing the settings of the driver on a PC. (Sold separately)
PC connection cableFor connecting to a PC. (Sold separately)
I/O connector setConnector for inputting/outputting command signals to the driver. (Sold separately)

[Moving Part Specifications]

Number of coil sets6
Rated thrust150 N
Max. thrust700 N
Max. speed2,500 mm/s
Rated current2.4 A rms
Max. current11.3 A rms
Time ratingContinuous
Ambient temperature0~40 ℃
Ambient humidity80% relative humidity or under (with no condensation)
Insulating resistance500 VDC 10 M Ω or more
Dielectric strength voltage1,500 VAC for 1 minute
Heat resistance classClass F (coil part)
StructureFully closed, self-cooling
Shaft unit mass0.0073 kg/mm
Moving part mass2.0 kg

[Moving Part Dimensions]

Unit [mm]
ModelEffective stroke length

[Driver Specifications]

Number of coil sets in moving part6
Input voltageMain power supply: Three-phase 200 VAC, Control power supply: Single-phase 200 VAC
Input power supply range (common)200 to 230 VAC +10 to -15% 50/60 Hz ± 5%
Rated continuous output current2.4 A rms
Max. current (limit)11.3 A rms
Max. instantaneous current (peak value)16.0 A peak
Power supply equipment capacity1.6 kVA
Position command pulse inputSignalLine driver signal
Input methodSelect one from 2-pulse, 1-pulse, and 2-phase pulse
Max. frequency4 M pulses/s
Input signalTotal 16 dedicated inputs and general-purpose inputs
Output signalTotal 16 dedicated outputs and general-purpose outputs
Monitor outputOperation status analog voltage output
Control functionSmoothing function, auto-tuning function
Limit functionSpeed limit, thrust limit, and movable range limit
Built-in positioning functionNumber of positioning points: 32, Number of speed settings: 10
Protection functionOverload, overcurrent, overvoltage, sensor disconnection, memory error
Support Software (SHD-UTL)Parameter configuration, monitor display, program editing/configuration, saving data and transferring auto-tuning data to driver
Ambient temperature0~40 ℃
Ambient humidity80% relative humidity or under (with no condensation)
Mass1.2 kg

[Driver Dimensions]

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