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Fundamental personal information protection policies

With respect to the collecting of information about customers and transaction partners by Miki Pulley Co., Ltd. ("Company") in connection with and for the execution of the Company's business activities, the Company considers it a foremost responsibility to appropriately manage and protect personal information. In order to earn the trust and confidence of the information owners and the public at large, the Company has therefore has established the following fundamental policies for the protection of personal information.

  2. The Company observes laws, regulations, and other standards concerning the handling of personal information.
  3. The Company trains employees (including regular employees, and temporary, term-contract, and leased staff) and corporate officers to appreciate the significance of personal information protection and disseminates and enforces appropriate information management and protection.
  4. The Company establishes internal frameworks, formulates regulations, and takes measures for the protection of personal information.
  5. The Company responds in good faith to requests from customers and transaction partners seeking disclosure, correction, supplementation, deletion, or discontinuation of use of their personal information.
  6. The handling of personal information at the Company is regulated as follows.


1. Appropriate collection, use, provision, and outsourcing of personal information
  • (1) Personal information is collected and used within the scope necessary for the following purposes.
    • 1) Business related communication
    • 2) Performance of agreements
    • 3) Provision of information on product introductions, repairs and inspections, exhibitions, events, and campaigns
    • 4) Responses to inquiries and requests, etc.
    • 5) Announcements of questionnaire surveys, analyses, and research
    • 6) Purposes pre-approved by information owners
    • 7) Execution of other tasks incidental to those described above
  • (2) Collected personal information is not provided or disclosed to third parties, except in the following cases.
    • 1) If the advance approval of the information owner has been obtained
    • 2) In cases where Article 23, Paragraph 2 (Opt-out) or Paragraph 3 (Shared usage) of the Personal Information Protection Act are applicable
    • 3) In cases where information provision or disclosure occurs in accordance with the stipulations of laws and regulations, etc.
  • (3) If the use of personal information is outsourced to a third party, the Company will first check for the appropriateness of such outsourcing from the perspective of the safety management measures taken at that third party, enter into a non-disclosure agreement with the said third party, and in such other ways monitor the outsourcing service provider in an appropriate manner.
2.Regarding Handling of Personal Information on Our Website
  • (1)The scope of information to be collected:
    • This site does not collect any information that can identify any customer, such as the name, address, telephone number, and email address without the consent of the customer. This site may collect any data other than personal information from time to time. Examples are any pages of the site visited by the customer and any data recorded at the referrer when the customer enters this site. Such data may be used to raise convenience on this site and the quality of products and services and distribute Internet advertisement and for other purposes from time to time.
  • (2)About Cookie:
    • The technology known as Cookie may be used on this site. The use of Cookie enables the site to identify the Internet protocol (IP) address of the customer. But Cookie is not meant to identify or collect any personal information of the customer. It is possible to invalidate the function of Cookie by setting the browser to alter the Cookie configuration. In this case, however, the function provided by this site may become unusable. Any change to the Cookie configuration shall be made at the sole responsibility of the customer himself. The company shall not be held liable whatsoever for any damages that might be caused by any change to the setting.
  • (3)About Google Analytics:
    • This site uses Google Analytics, part of the service of Google Inc., to upgrade the site services. On this site, Google Inc. collects, records and analyzes the browsing history of the customer by using Cookie issued by the company. Using the analysis results received from Google Inc., the company obtains data on customers visiting the site. But any customer information collected, recorded and analyzed by Google Analytics does not contain any information that can identify any specific person whatsoever. Such information is managed by Google Inc. under its privacy policy.

      Any customer may suspend the collection of personal information by Google Inc. Refer to the following URL as to the installment of "Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on" and the detail of setting procedures.

      In the event that Google Analytics is invalidated by the above procedures, Google Analytics becomes invalid on websites other than this site. But it can be reactivated by resetting the add-on. Any change to the setting shall be made at the sole responsibility of the customer. The company shall take no liability for any damages resulting from any change to the setting whatsoever.
3. Security management measures concerning personal information
The Company establishes internal regulations and takes security measures for the prevention and rectification of unauthorized access, leakage, or damage to personal information.
4. Improvement measures
The Company responds appropriately to changes in the public environment concerning the handling of personal information. Moreover, the Company makes ongoing improvements where necessary, including amendments, revisions, and additions to these policies and other regulations.
5. Response to inquiries seeking disclosure or correction, etc.
A telephone contact (044-733-4371) is available if an information owner believes that these personal information protection policies have been breached or if an information owner desires the disclosure, correction, supplementation, deletion, or discontinuation of use of their personal information. The Company will respond within a reasonable period and appropriate scope.
6. Complaints handling
The Company treats complaints concerning the handling of personal information in an appropriate and prompt manner.

Koji Miki,
Representative Director and President of Miki Pulley Co., Ltd.

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To Customers within European Economic Area (EEA)
Whenever sending your inquiry, you shall agree with transferring your personal data you entered to outside EEA. By the agreement, the data will be transferred to a country without adequate decision of personal data protection by European Commission under the condition of no protection measures for the standard contract clauses. However, we shall protect your personal data regardless of a country of transmission destination.