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MS Models


Output shaft rotation direction*CounterclockwiseClockwiseCounterclockwiseClockwiseCounterclockwiseClockwise
Rated output shaft torque[N・m]1.381.382.882.886.906.90
Output shaft rotation speed[min-1]50Hz0~3000~3000~3000~3000~3300~330
Motor specifications[kW](4P)

*The rated output shaft torque value is constant across the entire speed change range.

*A single-phase motor type (M2-□) is also available. Please consult with us.

*The output shaft rotation speed values are based on the rated load.

*The * mark indicates the rotation direction viewed from the output shaft end.

[Dimensions] M3-E1/M3-E2

[Dimensions] M3-JK1/M3-JK2

[Dimensions] M3-Y1/M3-Y2

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