Product Information

Features of ALS (B) Type

Large misalignments can be absorbed at high transmission torques by using an element (polyurethane elastomer) with a hardness of 97 JIS A, a shape that has a loose-fit construction, and giving the torque transmission surface of the element a crowning shape.

Optimal design thanks to 3D-CAD and FEM analysis

The latest CAE system was used from the initial stages of design.These models were designed using 3D-CAD. Shape and hardness was designed using the support of the latest finite element method (FEM) analysis software for optimal designs.

High transmission torque achieved and mounting error reaction force reduced by optimal design of element shape

They achieve more than double the transmission torque of older jaw couplings for the same outer diameter thanks to improved torque transmission component shapes and rigorous selection of materials.

Can be freely combined

Select from among three types of hubs: pilot-bore types that can be freely drilled with bores, key/set screw types, and clamp types.Key/set screw types and clamp types can also be combined.

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