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V Series Inverters

Unique design ideas honed over years of experience

These inverters have the ideal functions for a wide array of small-capacity applications. Set the frequency using touch-panel arrow keys, a knob, or analog signal input. Set output frequencies up to 400 Hz. Our unique torque boost feature is built in for a high starting torque of 150% or more. They provide optimal performance in lateral conveyors. Automatic energy-saving features come standard. They are ideal for fans, pumps and more.

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Featuring the one of the fastest available CPUs, the new V7 inverters offer twice the calculating power of the current V6 models, giving them outstanding performance in this class of inverters. Miki Pulley’s original dynamic torque vector control system is also used to ensure stable operation at low speeds. These models also retain the ease of use typical of the rest of the series, and are fully compatible with respect to external dimensions, installation dimensions, number and location of terminals, etc. In response to popular demand, they also include an RS-485 communications port. These are compact yet powerful, fully featured inverters.


  • Standard applied motor output

    0.1 kW to 3.7 kW (4-pole)

  • Power supply voltage

    Three-phase 200 to 240V 50/60Hz

  • Output frequency

    Variable between 25Hz and 400 Hz

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